5 critical roles performed by a customs broker in your business


Customs broker specialize in several subjects other than just customs clearance process. They even guide you on overseas laws and shipment process. They make you aware of any changes or risks involved in business so that you can make changes or alterations for smooth flow of goods.

In this article, we shall discuss the several roles played by a customs brokerage firm to ease your business stress. Go through these and check if the customs broking firm you are hiring is performing all of these for you.

5 essential roles played by a customs broker in your business:

  1. It is the duty of a customs broker to guide the business owner on customs clearance process. Thus, they ensure best practices are being followed by the business owner for smooth shipment of goods. If there is any other guidance related to customs process, the business owner can reach out to them directly without any hesitation. Thus, for first overseas shipment, it is a boon to have a customs broker by your side.
  2. A customs broking firm also acts as the importer of record. In simple words, they take care of the documentation, rules, and regulations of the customs clearance process. A customs broker ensures you don’t make any mistakes while filling the various forms as that would only delay the process and invite fines.
  3. Customs brokerage firms provide assistance on sources where you can claim for damages. They also assist in damaged shipment inspection and ensure you get the best coverage from the customs department. For instance, if you a claim to file, they help you ease down the process and shorten the time with their expertise.
  4. Customs department expect the records of the company’s transactions are well-maintained. It is where customs brokerage firm helps to a great extent. They help you maintain a large database of import and export documentation.
  5. Customs broking firms also support in arranging transportation and guide you in logistics. Freight forwarding is one of the best examples to share. These broking agents also guide you in importing of the products from the port of your choice.

Prepare your list of requirements, budget, and queries to ask a customs brokerage firm before you approach them. There are additional roles and duties performed by them that can be mutually discussed and agreed upon. Clearit.ca is one of the best examples of the same.

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