What Are the Different Characteristics and Properties of Paulownia Wood?

Paulownia wood is suitable for many different applications because of certain unique properties and characteristics. Let us discuss a few of the key properties and characteristics of this useful tree in this post.

Paulownia Elongata is a certain species of tree that comes from the family of Paulowniaceae, and is mostly found in a few Asian countries.

  1. Lightweight

As compared to hardwoods, this type of wood is much lighter, which enables easy handling and transporting.

  1. Strong and durable

Despite its lightweight, you will find this wood quite strong and durable enough to use in –

  • Furniture making
  • Construction work
  • Many other uses where any strong material is needed.
  1. High insulation properties

These woods have very high insulation properties, hence quite suitable for construction use and many other applications where insulation is needed.

  1. Low shrinkage

The wood has very low swelling and shrinkage, which makes them quite stable and has less chance of warping or twisting.

  1. Good decay resistance

These woods are decay or rot-resistant and may not attract insects, hence suitable for using in outdoor use.

  1. Fine and even texture

The wood has fine and even texture, hence suitable for use for decorative purposes like furniture and musical instruments.

  1. Easy to work with

You can easily work with these woods. It is possible to saw, plan, nail, and glue without any difficulty.

  1. Good patterns of colour and grain

You will find Paulownia wood with beautiful colour and grain pattern, hence can choose it for various decorative applications.

  1. High thermal insulation

Because of its good thermal insulation properties, you can use the wood for various construction works and similar other applications where there is a need for thermal insulation.

  1. Fast-growing

Choose Paulownia wood if you want to produce wood faster as this tree can grow very fast and within very short period of time you can obtain wood.

  1. High thermal conductivity

These woods have high thermal conductivity and thus can be very efficient materials for any energy-efficient construction work.

  1. Sound-deadening properties

You will find in this wood certain sound-deadening properties, due to which it is suitable for use in various applications where sound insulation is very important, such as in places like:

  • Soundproofing music studios
  • Recording rooms.
  1. Low density

Due to its low-density properties, one can easily work with this wood and also can transport.

  1. Non-toxic

This has got non-toxic property and very safe to use in various applications where you can keep your foodstuff, such as in your kitchen.

  1. Hypoallergenic properties

Do you know, many people are sensitive to wood? However, due to hypoallergenic properties, you will find it most suitable even for such people.

  1. Biodegradable

Another important property is that it is biodegradable, which makes it very easy to break down by natural processes, as a result it is considered as sustainable choice.

All these properties and characteristics make this a unique wood. To get more info about this tree, refer to product catalog Paulownia Energy.




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