Slot machines in video games – Unlocking hidden features


Video game casinos and hubs aren’t complete without slots. Most serve as basic mini-games to pass the time between missions and quests. But some contain secret bonuses and Easter eggs for inquisitive players. Developers often hide special features and rewards in slot machines. Uncovering them requires luck, skill, or unlocking through gameplay progression.

Max Payne 3 – Multiplier Bonus

Rockstar’s 2012 shooter Max Payne 3 features arcades with playable slots. One machine in Chapter 3 has a hidden multiplier feature. Landing all WILD symbols on the payline triggers “PAY DAY.” This causes the reels to shake, reset, and apply a 5X win multiplier. With the multiplier active, any wins in the following spins are 5 times bigger. Payouts are extremely lucrative during this 10-spin secret effect. Discovering and triggering it turns this bland slot into an exciting bonus game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – High Stakes Slot

Another Rockstar title, Red Dead Redemption 2, hides its most profitable slot machine behind story progression. Complete the “Angelo Bronte” campaign mission to receive a High Stakes invitation. This unlocks the exclusive high-limit slot parlor in Saint-Denis. High Stakes machines have a $20+ max bet for the chance to win up to $600 per spin. The secret is finishing that key mission to gain access to RDR2’s most rewarding slots game.

Witcher 3 – Passiflora Slots

The Witcher 3’s brothel, Passiflora, features playable slot machines and card games. One hidden slot trick leads to free drinks. If you land on the Passiflora logo symbol, quickly press the action button again. This triggers a glitched win and impressed staff reward Geralt with a free drink. Repeat this timing trick to keep the drinks flowing. A bit of mumumio slot sleight of hand earns free booze between Witcher contracts.

Hitman 2 – Lucky Stiff Pattern

IO Interactive’s Hitman series has lots of playable arcade machines. Hitman 2’s Lucky Stiff slot hides a jackpot pattern. After befriending the bartender, he’ll eventually reveal a secret symbol recipe – line up scatters and wilds in a specific order to trigger slot-free play with guaranteed jackpot wins.  This trading of insider info unlocks Lucky Stiff’s most lucrative bonus feature. Attentive players willing to put in the time walk away big winners.

Metal Gear Solid V – Premium Rewards

Konami’s final Metal Gear game lets you relax from covert ops by playing retro arcade machines. One contains a secret menu with premium rewards. Unlocking the secret menu lets you cash in slot machine winnings for rare goodies that Snake uses on missions.

Yakuza 0 – Pocket Circuit Slots

SEGA’s criminal drama Yakuza 0 features arcade minigames. One is a slot machine tied to the Pocket Circuit racing attraction. Winning big on Pocket Circuit Slots gives tickets to buy special parts for toy cars. Race vehicles with these enhancements perform better. The slot machine directly fuels Pocket Circuit’s progress. A miniature racer is the ultimate way to unlock new components.

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