The Type of Car That You Drive Reveals Your Personality

Do you realize how much your choice of four wheels, which you use to get around each day, reveals about you? Your choice of car brand and model can reveal your preferences and passion. A car’s size, engine type, and high-tech amenities might also influence purchasing decisions.

Is your car more functional or flashy? Is it large and loud, or does it use electricity quietly? And while it is undeniable that certain drivers are judged based on the make or color of their vehicle, even a professional psychologist may learn a lot about you simply by glancing at the vehicle you drive.

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Let us talk about your personality if you are driving any of these vehicles.

Small Cars

As per some studies made by a few researchers, those people who prefer to drive small cars will have the following traits:

  • They are environmentally conscious
  • Prefer higher density neighborhoods
  • Concerned about fuel efficiency
  • Prefer to park their car quickly and easily
  • Not so workaholics or position seekers.
  • They are simplicity seekers

Medium Size Sedans

The drivers of sedans are found to have the following personality

  • They have no distinct travel attitude
  • They may not be too boring people
  • They rather prefer to focus on the part in which they have mainly a more sensible and business-like disposition
  • Mostly they are females
  • They are mostly among the relatively higher income group.

Fancy or Luxurious Cars

Those who prefer to drive fancy and luxurious cars can be basically the people of the following personality:

  • They are status seekers
  • Usually, drive for longer distances
  • They can be older when you consider the age range
  • They are mostly highly educated people
  • Have a higher income
  • They are profit-oriented workaholics

Sports Cars

People who prefer to drive or own any sports cars have the following personality:

  • Adventure lovers
  • Energetic people who hate a boring routine life
  • Like to live a fast life
  • May have lower income as usually they are of a younger age group
  • They can be concurrent and risk-takers
  • May have an unstable financial life


Those who prefer trucks are:

  • Basically, they are “doers”
  • They like to get things done
  • Often prefer high-density living situations
  • Live in more rural areas
  • Can be workaholics
  • Mostly full-time employees
  • Working in any service-related jobs


People who own mini-vans are having the following personality:

  • Considerably calmer than others
  • They enjoy travelling longer distances
  • Not the “loner” kind of people
  • Among the middle-aged group
  • Often nominated for carpool duties.

Sport-utility Vehicles (SUVs)

Those who prefer to drive SUVs often have the following traits:

  • Mostly among those people who are the most environmentally-minded
  • Typically, they drive the shortest distances as compared to any other car owners
  • Their average age may fall under the category of people below 40 years old
  • Most SUV owners prefer to use their vehicles for several purposes, often that may be related to work or family.

Hope you enjoyed reading this interesting information.

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